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European cabinets - A2Z Kitchen and Bathroom

European cabinets

European-style cabinets are timeless, meaning you won’t have to worry about them going out of fashion or falling out of trend any time soon. The cabinets are best known for their sleek, clean design, with slab front doors that don’t feature any bevelling or intricate designs. European-style cabinets are also frameless, which means that they provide additional storage space and are easy to adapt into any space. Here are some benefits of European cabinets:

Organization – Instead of your standard cabinets, why not create a storage wall by installing floor to ceiling European cabinets to create extra storage space while still making a stylish impact. This is a great solution for small kitchens. By adding pull-out shelves or drawers in the cabinets, you’re making your day to day life much easier and your kitchen more functional. You can even add electrical outlets to plug in your small appliances!

Warm tones – European style cabinets are subtle and simple, so they work in the warm tones which are extremely popular like brown, beige and grey, with hardware in gold, copper or champagne. This gives a warm and homey look not just on your cabinets, but also including tiles, warm countertops or even the walls.

Unique cabinet handles – So sleek, minimal and for a modern look, European cabinets are perfect for a striking piece of hardware. Choosing the right handles makes all the difference in your kitchen’s look and it’s an easy and inexpensive upgrade to make! Sleek or bold? Sleek bars can help keep your space looking contemporary, or you can go bold with a uniquely shaped knob or one trend is to have handleless cabinet doors and drawers. Euro kitchen cabinets can be outfitted with push-open-and-close doors, so you don’t break up the clean lines of the kitchen with any hardware.

Natural materials – The materials of nature are a popular choice much like color. Wood cabinets, marble or quartz countertops and matte finishes are the look you’ll see in kitchens recently. European cabinets can provide a cost-effective solution as they are available in wood-inspired finishes giving a look of luxury.

Storage – European style cabinets are frameless, meaning they are sleeker and offer more space, making them perfect for a pantry. You can easily install shelving into the cabinets for more storage. If your kitchen is not spacious, you might want to install a larder cabinet: this standalone cupboard can still keep things organized without taking up the space in your house.

Color – The best and most fun part! Since European style cabinets are a blank slate, you can paint them any color you desire! For a homey space think wood, or go for a clean, minimalist aesthetic with white and cool-toned greys. One way to make a statement in your kitchen is with contrasting countertops and cabinets. For your European cabinets, you can choose an oak or wood finish for a warm, natural look, and then bring the drama with dark granite countertops and backsplash. The mix of light and dark is a trendy look!

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