Bathroom Trends of 2022 - A2Z Kitchen and Bathroom

A2Z Kitchen and Bathroom

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Bathroom Trends of 2022 - A2Z Kitchen and Bathroom

Bathroom Trends of 2022

Flooring trends don’t move as fast as other design trends as they are not something that get updated as regularly as paint colors or living rooms, but they can make the biggest impact and change to a space.


Patchwork tiles are a useful trend as they help to zone different areas such as a kitchen and dining room by adding more pattern in the kitchen and less in the dining space. These designs also work well in the bathroom, as part of your hallway, or in a garden room to add impact.


Bathroom Trends of 2022 | A2Z Kitchen and Bathroom



Although marble has been around for a while in interiors, it’s usually in shades of black, grey, and white, like classic Carrara marble for example. Onyx is fairly new on the scene, but both link into the overarching trend of statement stone with bold veining, big patterns and exotic blends of shades seen generally in color trends this year. 


Bathroom Trends of 2022 | A2Z Kitchen and Bathroom



Technology has created realistic designs ranging from deep lead and iron tones to lighter aluminum and steel effects. Oxidized finishes give the impression of decay from the passing of time whilst creating imperfections.


Bathroom Trends of 2022 | A2Z Kitchen and Bathroom



A good way to inject some color into your space is with rugs. And as they have become more important in interior schemes, designers have been thinking outside the box to come up with asymmetrical shapes, bolder patterns and colors and more intricate designs.

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