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Benefits of porcelain tiles - A2Z Kitchen and Bathroom
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Benefits of porcelain tiles

Porcelain tiles are best known for their durability, beauty and strength and are considered to be the superior tile.

 So what are porcelain tiles? Porcelain tiles are made up of a very dense clay that is highly refined and then fired at a high temperature to deliver unparalleled strength.Traditionally Porcelain tiles are made by blending clay with other natural materials and then fired. Porcelain tiles are most popular in large spaces or for designs where you want a more sleek or polished look. Porcelain tiles have a large selection of shapes and styles.
 Now you understand what a Porcelain tile is let’s dive into the benefits:
Low Maintenance

Porcelain tiles are simple and easy to maintain, They have no special cleaning or maintenance requirements and are actually the easiest flooring to maintain. Once wet they dry very quickly, they are not entirely waterproof however they are resistant enough to protect against water damage over time. With no risk of damage from water, Porcelain tiles are a popular choice in moist areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, mudrooms and entryways – with patios seeing huge growth!


Porcelain tiles are dense, thick and very robust which means they last a very long time and you don’t have to worry about cracks or breaks in your floor, it is also perfect for pets. This makes Porcelain tiles very popular for family homes, businesses or rental properties.

 Highly Durable

Durability is the main reason for the popularity of porcelain tiles. They are the best durable floors and the best choice for pets or hard floors in general as they are easy to care for and look after. It is almost impossible to damage the flooring and piece by piece replacement is possible if necessary.

 Simple To Clean

Porcelain tiles are easy to clean, wipe and maintain over time. They also don’t hold onto bacteria or stain easily.

 Suitable for high traffic areas

Porcelain tiles are extremely popular with businesses because they work best in high traffic areas. As mentioned before Porcelain tiles are highly durable even when exposed to heavy boots, nails, claws or high footfall.

 Enhanced moisture resistance

Porcelain tiles are extremely dense and much less porous than other tile types which means you will not have to worry about any cracking issues. Porcelain tiles also do not absorb as much moisture as other tiles which is why they are now so popular with outdoor flooring.

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