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A2Z Home Design Articels - Remodeling Tips, Renovation Ideas
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Read about shaker cabinets, the benefits of quartz countertops, and more.

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Inspirational interior design thoughts for kitchen and bathroom design, architecture, design, and materials blog magazine.

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Why work with our in-house designer and how they can help choose the right materials/look for you

Our friendly and talented in-house designer Aminah will help you design your dream home and bring all your visions to reality. She will help you choose all the right materials/colors/looks for your home.

Blog | A2Z Kitchen and Bathroom

Benefits of porcelain tiles

Porcelain tiles are best known for their durability, beauty and strength and are considered to be the superior tile.  So what are porcelain tiles? Porcelain tiles are made up of a very dense

Blog | A2Z Kitchen and Bathroom

Shower heads

We will explain to you all the different types of shower heads and their pros and cons to hopefully make your choice easier. It’s time to upgrade your bathroom! Changing out your shower

Blog | A2Z Kitchen and Bathroom

Colors for your home

We recommend creating a whole house color palette before you start painting your walls. If you are indecisive about choosing the right color for your home then a color palette is a great

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