Countertop installation - A2Z Kitchen and Bathroom

A2Z Kitchen and Bathroom

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Countertop installation - A2Z Kitchen and Bathroom

Countertop installation

Countertops can add value to a home or a new kitchen remodel, they are a beautiful finishing touch, whether in your kitchen or bathroom. While it’s all extremely exciting adding your new additions to your home, you may also want to consider planning and knowing more about the installation process.

The first step is a consultation, measuring the space for the countertops and creating an initial plan.

Next you will pick the material you decide is the perfect fit for your home. For example Granite, Marble or Quartz.

Templating – To ensure your selected countertops are the right size, we will first create a template. One of our expert technicians will come to your home to measure the space precisely and create a digital template. With the digital template, you will be able to customize your plan to find the perfect design.

Countertop installation | A2Z Kitchen and Bathroom














Fabrication – The plans and template will be sent to our fabrication team, and soon enough, you’ll have your counters.

Countertop Installation – Your new custom bathroom or kitchen countertops are ready and it’s time for installation. Your countertops will be fabricated to your exact specifications, allowing for a clean, seamless look, and will be installed by our experts.

Countertop installation | A2Z Kitchen and Bathroom
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